Financial Freedom in Retirement has three different aspects.

First: First: You have a Goal of Financial Freedom. You are not there yet, but you have put plans, solid plans, in place to grow your financial resources so that you know the year in which you can declare your freedom. You have created a plan with guarantees and safety. You are secure in knowing that if you continue with your plan, financial freedom will be a reality. Your Goal will move you to the Reality of Financial Freedom.

Second: You have the Fantasy of Financial Freedom. You may have put plans in place, but those plans do not come with guarantees. They may be dependent on the stock market. There is no possible way to guarantee how much money you will have tomorrow, much less when you want to retire. See 2000-2001 and 2008-2008 when the market dropped like a stone- two times. You may have other investments such as real estate, but real estate cycles. There is no guarantee those values will grow or even stay the same as today. See 2007-2009. So, if you are depending on volatile markets for your retirement, you are gambling with your financial future. It’s a fantasy.

Third: There is the Reality of having Financial Freedom today. Goals were set and achieved. You are living it. You know that you have the resources for a chosen lifestyle and that your resources are there- permanently. You are able to enjoy and even expand that lifestyle. You live as well or better than when you were producing an income from work.

So where do you think you are today, and what do you want for tomorrow?

There is a stark contrast between investing and saving. Investing is throwing the dice and hoping for the best while saving is real with no risk.

With our proven system, we show you how to save for the future. Your money is guaranteed, liquid, growing and safe. Using a strategy that is over 160 years old, and that has survived and prospered in every market crash in US history, we are experts at showing you how to create your Financial Freedom- risk free.

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