About Craig Stout

Craig Stout

For the past decade, I have been working with Baby Boomers to show them how to create a retirement safe from market downturns and one in which their health care costs will not erode their retirement funds. I feel good about what I do because I put the client first.

I am not attached to any one insurance company. As a broker I can pick and choose the best plan for your needs. Not everyone in insurance and financial services operates as I do. Choice is important to me, and I assume it is the same for you. I say this because when we start working on strategy for you, it will be the best I can find for you.

If you are an entrepreneur, I understand many of your challenges. Having owned a wholesale gift/ clothing business from 1991-2002, I know what it is to be strapped for cash with overhead crunching you month after month. I also know what it’s like to max out credit cards, refi a home, and still need more liquid cash. We had a dozen employees, two showrooms, two warehouses, and road reps. It’s tough to keep out of debt and grow your business. I borrowed from banks because I simply didn’t know a better way to finance my business.

Now, I can show you how to be your own financing source and fire your banker. Say goodbye to sky high credit card rates and stop applying for loans from people who can say no on a whim. Your financial life can change from scarcity to abundance.

Do you have kids planning to go to college? Mine is a senior now. We made the mistake of enrolling in a 529 Savings Plan when he was 1 year old. We were guaranteed that if he attended a university in the Colorado system, his four year tuition would be covered. A year before he graduated high school, the Colorado Pre Paid Tuition plan reneged on it’s promise. The gains on our 529 were very small.

I can show you how to save for college with no restrictions. Your money will not be taxed and you can use it for college or whatever purchase you want. If your child doesn’t go to college, no problem. It’s your money and you decide what to do with it. It’s liquid.

If you are a looking at retirement and concerned that your money is totally at risk in the stock market, you have options. I remember what 2008 did to my 401k. It was decimated. Why gamble with your retirement?

I can show you how to create a safe place for your money- regardless of market turns.

I hope my experience can benefit you in your planning for a healthy financial future.

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